Astoria coffee machine

Astoria introduces the new Core6at EquipHotel! Core6is the first of the new Core class of Astoria coffee machines. Core re-visits Astoria’s elegance, with .

Astoria is an Italian based espresso machine manufacturing company focused on providing quality machines at an affordable price. Our range of Astoria coffee machines include the popular Treviso, Plus You, Perla and Compact models. Browse our full Astoria Espresso machine range . Astoria SAE Group Espresso Machine Commercial Business Industrial.

We offer the highest standard styles of coffee, from the finest espresso blend to single. The Astoria machines are constructed using sophisticated technology .

The first fire up of the Astoria espresso machine. Astoria Technical: Espresso Machine Programming. In order for the pleasure of a good coffee to be made available to all, Astoria has created HYbri a new generation of coffee machines that offer . Service Sphere has a coffee equipment solution to suit any environment; from small home kitchens to.

Looking at purchasing a machine on finance? We Import roast the finest gourmet coffee from around the world. Astoria Compact CKXE Automatic Espresso Maker. The Astoria Tanya is designed for the busy coffee shop that wants the look of a traditionally styled coffee machine with modern coffee brewing technology, . Astoria is a historic brand that represents the Italian tradition of espresso coffee machine. We bring these quality coffee machines to you in South Africa.

We only supply the best coffee equipment, and as such enjoy a special relationship with Carimali, CMA Astoria, BUNN and Bravilor Bonamat.